Sunday Cycling 30th April, 2023

Warm sunshine today and just one last April shower. Most of April was cold so it was good to have a bit of heat.

Here’s the official report:

It’s not easy being a cyclist and a hurling follower. Because of the Déise match, numbers in Group 3 were down as they set out for Clonmel last Sunday. Not alone that, the resident Cork supporter decided to avoid the hill up Colligan in favour of a comfortable seat by the Lee. After fuelling up in Clonmel the lads headed uphill once again to Rathgormack or Rathgormuck depending on which signpost you follow. Once on the Carrick road back to Mahon Bridge, a stiff headwind stiffened further and on the section towards 5-Cross-Roads a heavy shower fell. No matter really, as the temperature was 19°C and the final leg back to Dungarvan was most enjoyable. Two items were noteworthy. One cyclist, when paying for coffee, was asked if he got any fuel! Secondly, much fun was had on the Sky Road, while discussing other high roads including the Clashmore Airport Road! Group 3, small in numbers, are flying.

Group 3 Report.

Route: Colligan, Applegreen Clonmel☕️,Mountain Road, Rathgormack, Mahon Bridge, Griffins Garage, 5 X roads, Home. 97km.

Thanks Paul!

Bank Holiday Monday

I joined my friend Declan for coffee. See featured image as proof. Obviously we cycled there and back. Just a nippy hour and a bit before an afternoon with Marion along the Copper Coast and Tramore. No bikes involved.

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Cycling 30th April, 2023

    1. Group captain selects routes, Paddy. I get seconded now and then to ease the burden! 😜
      To be sure, we get to know the many byroads. There’s only so many routes we can take, but we have a policy that when we need to repeat a route, we repeat 95% of it and find a loop somewhere to spice it up. We are simple creatures.

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