Friday Fiction: Waterford Whispers News Obituary

Scene: Local Man and three accomplices are planning to destabilise Waterford Whispers News. Right, ye know the plan. Sure boss. I’ll hack the website. Tom will seduce the head honcho and turn him. Mary, what’s your bit? I’m going in with a petrol bomb and a sword. What’s the sword for? Peter asked. All inContinue reading “Friday Fiction: Waterford Whispers News Obituary”

Half Time: Ireland 0 France 0

The Scene: Half-time words between John Coleman and Kylian Mbappe as Ireland held France scoreless. Kylian jogged off the field faster than he had intended. He caught up with Coleman at the entrance to the tunnel and they exchanged words. Just a word, Colie. Before ye have a chance to gather yerselves for the secondContinue reading “Half Time: Ireland 0 France 0”