A Few Showers & Exciting News

I managed to make time yesterday to scoot up a few hills. The forecast looked dodgy and it turned out to be exactly that, but with no cold whatsoever.

The first shower arrived early as I scooted up Strikes Hill. The great thing about this hill is that there’s protection from the usual south-westerly wind. I whistled away to the music of Hanz Zimmer. Light rain fell softly for the first few tracks.

On the descent to Geoish, I needed to concentrate fully because of the wet road surface. My whistling stopped, but the sun soon shone again. Onwards I sped merrily up hill and down dale to Clashmore, Aglish and back to Clashmore again.

It turned out to be a beautiful afternoon. My last climb was the Mountain Road. This is a definite favorite of mine, and there was a mighty tailwind to help me along.

Just before the rain arrived, I took a call from my daughter, Meabh. She has an uncanny knack of calling when I’m on the challenging part of a hill! Her news was just the best. She and Jimmy are within weeks of moving in to their first home, constructed mostly by themselves. Today, the electricity was connected. Now the clock is running for first big bill! Such excitement.

The rain turned heavy for the last half hour of the spin. No cold. A perfect afternoon of enjoyable scooting.

Link to all the data. No details of the fun and pleasure, unfortunately.
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