Fiction For Fun : Tramore

Scene: Caroline is in Tramore for the day. She wants to buy Factor 15 suncream. The man at the till has had a rough day.

Factor 15 please. The yellow one.

Suncream or Fake Tan? They’re both yellow.

Ah, the real cream please. ‘Tis mighty hot out there, and the breeze on the prom will burn me to a crisp.

I’ll need to see identification.

Seriously? To buy suncream? Feck sake.

I do apologise, young lady. New rules from the Greens. In my opinion you’re under age and you’re not a regular customer.

Right. I’ll burn so. All your fault, ya yoke. Can’t you pretend I’m over age? How old do I have to be?

Don’t get sassy with me. I’ll have none of it. Identification or out you go unless there’s anything else you’re wanting.

Two packets of blue condoms, please.

Published by Páraig

Changing my mind, one thought at at a time. You can too. Garden, bike and writing can be key. Ukan2.

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