Two Time Trials

On Tuesday evening, I started the first of the DCC summer timetrial training events. Legs a bit heavy. Pleased with 39:26

This afternoon Wednesday, I took a very leisurely ramble on mountain bike to visit my old school in Ballinameela. Very leisurely on a warm afternoon. T-shirt weather.

Same bike same socks

Later, I had another go at the same TT course. This time, it was the turn of Tried & Tested Triathlon Club to run it. Gorgeous evening with very little wind was perfect for faster biking. Tonight I went around in 36:11

My personal best from 2020 was 36:37 so I’m chuffed to beat that six years later. The Giant bike does make a difference, but it still needs to be powered by good legs. In fairness, all my cycling this year has been gentle. There is not a hint of burnout or overdoing it. My challenge now is to make sure these timetrials do not take too much out of me.

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