Poems written Thursday, May 11th 2023 for Marine Bar Poetry Meeting May 15th. The chosen theme was ‘Mayhem’.

#1 Marine Bar Mayheming

Go for it, I said 
And I did
I went for it
Mayhem at its finest
Junior Infants level mayhem
Marine Bar Mayhem on a par with
Father Ted Poetry Awards.

The old quote is very true
Guinness and mayhem are cozy cousins
We resolved,
To continue mayheming responsibly.

When comes the time
For mayheming no more
I’ll not be sad
I went for it
And left a mayheming trail behind.
I’ll miss the Guinness.

#2 MM

That’s MM spelled M M 
My best Scrabble preparation wasn’t enough
I was banking on double M.

Maximum mayhem
Museum methodism
Medium momentum
Mealworm mutism
Madtom moralism
Masterdom madam
Mammogram martyrdom
Muckworm magnetism
Midterm moronism
Midstream masochism

My best Scrabble preparation wasn’t enough
I was banking on double M
That’s MM spelled M M.

#3 Merry Month of May

It's the Third Monday 
Merry Month of May
Marine Bar calling
Please come out to play.

No no, that theme is not my thing
Madcap mayhem
Not my style at all
I’d be a vehement anti-mayhemist
I would

But wait
That’s it
I’ll turn it on its head
The Merry Month of Mayhem.

Magnolias and midgets
Meconopsis muchos enlargica-ted
Monkey puzzle and miscanthus
That’s a grass, you know that
Mushrooms and mustard beans
Mangetout and mung beans 
Known to savvy gardeners as
Pisum savitum saccharatum
Pizum savitum saccharatum.

Mayhem Month at the Marine
Third Monday.
My biggest fear is this
The theme for June is BLISS.




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