Six-on-Saturday: May Week 2

It’s the Merry Month of May, and we have now arrived at the Second Saturday. So, to summarise it’s the Second Saturday of the Merry Month of May. Be that as it May may, the requirement is exactly the same as for other Saturdays that are not the SSotMMoM. I take it you understand the acronym and likely, you’re relieved I used it instead of repeating Second Saturday of the Merry Month of May. In any case, relax a while with to read through my Selected Six, part of the bigger picture of the many other Six-on-Saturday posts from around the world, curated by Jim at Garden Ruminations. Here’s number one… uimhir a h-aon:

Fairy Entrance

Three weeks ago this corner of the gáirdín was still in winter mode. Look at it now! The fern has spread it’s fronds and the Acer ‘Sheiryu’ has the most delightful young foliage. Between the two is where The Fairies live. They do not like being photographed.


I know very little about this plant except that I like it. Slugs and snails love it too, but it’s not a problem because it grows faster than the can nibble it away.

When I searched Plantnet to help identify it correctly I get three options. Most likely the first is the one. It’s coming in at 70% probability. Anyone here able to confirm that it is Campanula portenschlagiana Schult? Lovely common names, such as Dalmatian Bellflower and Wall Harebell.

Acer ‘Red Flamingo’

My daughter bought this for me as a Christmas gift many Christmases ago, about six I would think. Not very many Christmas gifts that I can still say that I have and appreciate each day.


While the leaf of Alchemilla is nothing worth blogging about, and the flower is only marginally more interesting, there is one part of it that stands out. When rain falls, it collects in a most beautiful manner within the folds of the leaves. Case in point, this large droplet above. It straddles the folds on the leaf and seems to distort itself without bursting. As this plant is mostly in shade, the raindrops stay in place long after the rain has passed on, even after hours of sunshine.

Crataegus laevigata ‘Paul’s Scarlet’

Bought last October at Ballinlough Garden Centre, this has been on my wishlist for quite a while. I held off because I wasn’t sure where to put it. So, when I finally was sure I got it.

I don’t know how much time I’ve got left, and I’m determined not to be misusing it needlessly. So, the details below have been c&p’d from the label. None of that reinventing-the-wheel for me.

Known as May or Midland Hawthorn. A rounded thorny tree with glossy mid-green leaves. Clusters of double scarlet flowers, followed by red or orange-red fruit. Height 8m. Spread 8m. Flowers from April to May. Fruits from June Deciduous. Hardy. Planting instructions: Back-fill with soil mixed with peat and a suitable fertiliser. Passport No: 8161-2PB2 €30.00


This is Camellia japonica ‘Lady Campbell’. It is almost finished flowering. I’m going to leave it in the large tub as I have several plants in pots around it and I’ll swap them in and out.

About Six-on-Saturday

We are a group of gardeners who write. We write about six items in our gardens, and we do it on Saturdays. Many more choose to publish on Twitter and Instagram using the #sixonsaturday hashtag. Here’s The Participant Guide updated by Jim. For more  gardens and gardening blogs, head over to Garden Ruminations, the home for Six on Saturday. Have a lovely weekend.

The Three Hairs

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17 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday: May Week 2

  1. Such lovely photos of your garden. I particularly like the Alchemilla leaves with their little droplets, the campanula ( I just love their purple bells) and the fairy hideaway.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Choices, choices, I am spoiled for choice today in your garden. I like Harebells, I have one, but it is different to yours and the Camellia is very pretty. I bet the fairies love visiting your garden.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I agree, it’s a campanula poscharskyana ( I have the same here). Another plant I had, it’s the Acer Seiryu but I lost it 2 winters ago… yours is a beauty with the fern.


  4. If I were a fairy, I would be very happy in that spot, but now that I am an old fairy, I would scoot away on my bike at the first site of a camera, specially if I were in my lycra!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I am curious about your beautiful Acer ‘Sheiryu’. What color does it turn in the fall? It’s stunning now. And you’re so right about the beautiful way the raindrops stay on the leaves of the Alchemilla. (I like using the Lady’s Mantle in flower arrangements as it is so airy.) I’ll have to give a closer look at mine after it rains.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. A lovely spot for your fairies. It profits one to treat them well, otherwise they play tricks. They borrow my tools from time to time, and then happily they turn up in odd places when I don’t expect it. Lovely sport. I looked at the first photo of your Acer and wondered what Begonia it might be. What a lovely tree! Happy Spring!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It gets worse… They borrow my tools, which end up in your Forest Garden!
      Begonia? The Featured photo is Acer Red Flamingo. Yes the leaf does resemble begonia, but in real life is very different.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Its good to share. The Fae were here first, after all. They manage to always teach me a little something as they return something they might have borrowed,, too ❤


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