Ballinroad 5k

I’ve been in the gym twice a week since last June right through until Frbruary of this year, and as soon as my knee was strong enough to run 5 km, I cut the sessions back to once a week while I jogged outdoors.

I don’t look it but I’m thrilled to be back.

I have been bery pleased with how my left knee has strengthened up and so I entered tonight’s event. I did so with the intention of jogging it slowly, on a par with my usual Saturday jogs. Therefore, I deliberately did not do any warm up beforehand.

I ran most of it with Martin Collander and we enjoyed the chat. At 4 km I pushed on and finished well.

Delighted to be able to tog out, enjoy the lovely atmosphere of Ballinroad and the supporters cheering everyone on.

Did I stick to my plan to run easy? Yes I did. I know my time but there’s no need for me to highlight it here. I will not run the longer 5 mile and 10 km events over the summer, but the last one in Ballinameela is a 5 km so I’ll be hoping to enjoy that one.

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