Friday Fiction: The Coronation of Camilla

Scene: Samantha and Madge are at the hairdresser. BBC is broadcasting blanket coverage of Queen Camilla’s Coronation.

Oh Madge, isn’t she just so ladylike? It is a thoroughly fitting end to the long wait.

And thanks to our reliable salon for getting the televisions set up at eye level for us. I would not want to be coming out with a crick in my neck.

Camilla is everyone’s darling, but it wasn’t always the case.

I am reliably informed she insisted that she be crowned before him. It is her big day, and we are all so proud of how she has handled him.

I wonder will the children show any outward signs of hatred? Will they spit in the soup, that is what I want to know.

Say nothing and keep saying it, Madge. They were brought up that way. To be sure, they hate everything about her but they know their turn is coming along soon.

Yes, and rumour is that the next Coronation is going to be a double double. Two kings and two queens, all patched up for the sake of duty to country.

They did not lick it it off the stones, Madge. They did not lick it off the stones. Your hair is just gorgeous.

Did you see what that American idiot said yesterday? Your new Queen is going to be terrific,” he said. “She has a fantastic personality and Charles is a wonderful guy.”

For an idiot, that’s very sensible. I would have thought it simply was not in him.

Ah yes, he too is waiting for his turn to come around.

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