Six-on-Saturday: April Week 5

We’ve had one night of frost and several days of cold winds, so as May approaches I’m hoping for proper warmth and sunshine. Yesterday was a beauty! Short sleeves in the morning and t-shirt for the afternoon. I got some of the delayed powerwashing completed and I’ll be up to date very shortly.

Now that I mention up to date, here’s a selection of what’s currently on show, so sit and relax awhile. In that way, you too will be up to date. While you’re doing that, I’ll be reading some of the many other Six-on-Saturday posts from around the world, curated by Jim at Garden Ruminations. Ar aghaidh linn…


Having struggled for a few years, the Bugle is now thriving. I cut the overhanging Fuchsia hard last Autumn, much harder than I used to. Now, I’m happy that I did. Bugle is a dainty little thing, loved by the bees. When it finishes flowering in a while, it has merit because it is a very good ground cover plant and weeds will not take hold.


I took out the fading daffodils and filled the empty space with this lovely Bellis. Basically it’s a double Daisy. The label informs me that it’s a pretty plant but it’s not for consumption. I’m grateful for the thought that goes into printing such labels. Being a Long Flowering Perennial, I’ll get a few more, available also in other colours. They will surely work very well in my Pot-In-A-Pot patent-pending easy-gardening plant-turnover move-them-out-of-sight style.


Acer Orange Dream is featured once again. I do hope you like it. Now in its third year here, it catches my eye. Once my eye is caught, I realise I’m hooked.


Bergenia, known as Elephant’s Ear occupies a small corner of the east-facing raised bed. The leaves are nothing worth blogging about. On the other hand, the flower is. There’s only one, yet I am not complaining. Readers prefer it that way.


Ní thagann caonach ar chloch reatha.
A rolling stone gathers no moss.

Would you ever in a million years think that moss would feature? Many’s the time I went along the top of the wall with a flat plasterer’s trowel. There’s probably a word for it other than trowel. At any rate, here it is growing away and taking away the bare look. I’m updating my tolerance policy. This stays!


Three weeks ago I cut back last year’s growth and lay the fronds flat to protect the crown. Now, the cycle begins again! In another week, if not less, these will unfurl. Yes, my garden is about two weeks ahead of others simply because of the shelter of surrounding walls. In Irish it’s raithneach.

About Six-on-Saturday

We are a group of gardeners who write. We write about six items in our gardens, and we do it on Saturdays. Many more choose to publish on Twitter and Instagram using the #sixonsaturday hashtag. Here’s The Participant Guide updated by Jim. For more  gardens and gardening blogs, head over to Garden Ruminations, the home for Six on Saturday. Have a lovely weekend.

The Three Hairs

By going to TheThreeHairs.Com anyone who wants the bits of Gaeilge, cycling or other random thoughts will find everything there. I invite you to browse and hope you enjoy some of what’s there.

It’s Bank Holiday weekend here in Éirinn. I’m heading to Lismore Castle for poetry today, cycling tomorrow and perhaps on Monday. Whatever you’re up to, enjoy it. You’ll hear from me next week.


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15 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday: April Week 5

  1. The bellis are worth it and come back every year here with 3 or 4 colour varieties. About the Bugles the bees love them so I let them spread but you have to keep an eye on them… they even go into the lawn! Have a nice week end

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Just because I haven’t shown mine, doesn’t mean yours are that early..but you did pip me to the post. I just love the shape of ferns unfolding, and as for the moss, what’s not to love about the green cushiony softness?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Unknown to me until now, you’ve been pipped! Serves you right for telling me.
      I shall look forward to your unfurling fern when time is right.


  3. I am most intrigued by the Bellis. It is lovely and full of blooms! As for your bergenia, I have a similar, if not the same, variety, but my leaves turn burgundy which I think is quite lovely (when the slugs haven’t destroyed them). Of course the flowers are so pretty, too.
    Here’s hoping for warmer, spring-like weather! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Bellis is now fading fast, bit I’ll divide it in Autumn. Burgandy leaves are gorgeous. Yes the slugs like them just as we do! 😜


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