Sunday Cycling 23rd April, 2023

Not once this week, not twice, but three biking days! Now it’s time for some rest and recovery.

There was a cool northerly wind today, cold for the first hour. More than that, the 109km route turned out to be 115, and I needed to cadge a gel from a teammate on the way home.

Here’s the official report:

As the Déise hurlers headed to Tipperary, Group 3 crossed into Cork. Having several elite members in Mallorca, a smaller remnant of six faced the cold northerly crosswinds by Old Parish, Ardmore, Youghal and Killeagh. The morning warmed up and there was some relief from the wind on the way to Castlemartyr. It was decided to stop there for coffee before facing the headwind to Dungourney and Tallow. No one could remember cycling this road, and the many rolling hills caught them by surprise, until the fast descent was put behind them. All commented upon the good road surface. Following a roadside break after Tallow, the journey home by Lismore and Cappoquin was thoroughly enjoyed at a faster pace. No one can figure out how the 109 km increased to 115. One theory put forward was that Cork kilometres might not be standardised. All said, this was a wonderful outing. The Déise boys could well have beaten Limerick. Perhaps Group 3 could head that way soon?

Group 3 Report.

Route: Ring, Old Parish, bypass Ardmore, N25 to Youghal (bypass), Killeagh, Castlemartyr, Mogeely (roadside stop 55km), Tallow ☕ 75km, Lismore, N72 home. Several options between Youghal-Tallow for anyone not wanting full 109km

I also cycled on Wednesday with the Park Hotel gang. This will become a regular for the summer ahead. 65 very windy kilometres, hot chocolate & lemon merangue and a very slight tanning of the white winter calves. Thanks to Emma for the warm welcome in Eamó & Ró in Kilmacthomas.

On Friday, after a decent S&C gym session, I ventured to Kilmac with another old goat. I needed to be back early so we pushed on reasonably hard into that easterly wind (again) and when we got a shot of coffee we tested ourselves properly on the journey home.



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