Sunday Cycling 16th April, 2023

I rested well after the exertions of last Sunday, and decided to dig out the cycling shorts for the first time since last October, hoping I had made the right choice. In fact, although the morning was dull, the sun soon shone down on us after an hour. Another great spin under my belt, my first 100 km of the year. Afterwards, Marion & I walked over town to enjoy the Festival of Food atmosphere. What a lovely day!

Here’s the official report:

The shorts are on. Winter longs are old hat and Group 3 are up with the times. On the road to Ballymac via the Welcome Inn and Millstreet, the dull morning improved. Further on heading to Newcastle, looking great after the huge local effort for celebrations last weekend, and on to Goatenbridge the sun shone down. Passing fields of ripening rapeseed, G3 spoke of the beauty without having to go far from home. Coffee and a short rest was enjoyed in Clogheen before the headwind ascent of the Vee from the Tipperary side. Once up top, they stood again for a photograph kindly taken by a passenger from passing car, and then descended back to Glenshelane at a fast pace. An unfortunate side-wall puncture proved to be very slow to repair, and a decision was made to push on for Dungarvan in time for the food festivities. Thanks to Pat and PJ who stood by the stricken cyclist, until the ET-phone-home decision was made.
All said, it was a terrific trip to Tipp with a great crew. 96km altogether. Some souls did local laps to clock up 100 on a beautiful April morning.

Best wishes to our representatives heading to Mallorca later in the week.

Group 3 Report.

Route: Welcome Inn, Millstreet, Halfway Hse, Ballymac, Newcastle, Clogheen 50km ☕️, The Vee, Cappoquin, N72 home. 96km

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