Six-on-Saturday: April Week 2

Returning to a purist Six-on-Saturday today, I’m omitting all the extras. Likely, some gardening followers will be pleased. In fact, I’m also pleased. But never fear! By going to TheThreeHairs.Com anyone who wants the bits of Gaeilge, cycling or other random thoughts (eg Trumpism) will find everything there.

That said, on we go with some things that caught my eye during week.

Apple Blossom

Several Six-on-Saturday writers mentioned to me last week that the Irish climate is more favourable than elsewhere. Yes, Ireland is wet and mild, and my Sunny South East is particularly mild, and also a bit less wet. So, the apple blossom is in full bloom. I know that there may be a few nights of frost before the end of April and there may be some setbacks. All in all, I’m very content with my lot. I shall be sure to protect what I can and then stay indoors!


Pictured yesterday… Here’s my information from last year: This is Tanecetum, known also as Feverfew. It has several other names, one of which is Bachelor’s Buttons. It’ll flower in mid-June I’d imagine. I’ve featured it several times over the past two years. The foliage has an unusual smell, and can be used as an insect repellant. Some folks like it, some don’t. Insects don’t. Known as the aspirin of the 18th century, it was taken to alleviate migraine headaches. I can’t speak for insects, but I’d wager a tenner with Paddy Power that in a stressful season, they’d be subject to a headache or two now and again. It’s a jungle out there! For the life of me I can’t see the bachelor connection.


Now coming into full bloom, the tulips excite me. NoGod only knows, it takes little to get me excited! I like them a lot more than in previous years after I decided to keep them for one year only. These bulbs are heading to Touraneena in a few weeks.

The Man Shed

It’s where it all happens. As often as not, I operate from here entirely on a voluntary basis. It’s my den and I get stuff done. Sometimes, when I’m not actually doing stuff, I sit on the reclining lounger and relax, away from television and hoovering. It’s my go-to place. The garden and much of what’s wrong with the world is put right while I’m there.


I think this is Euonymous ‘Emerald Gaiety’. Apart from being evergreen, I like the pink tips. Pruned back to a tidy size recently, it has been fed and is doing very well.


I cut last summer’s growth during the week. Instead of putting everything on the compost heap I laid them on the stump. I know that ferns are hardy bucks but with the possibility of  a few April frosts, I took no chances. Chances are I’m right!

About Six-on-Saturday

We are a group of gardeners who write. We write about six items in our gardens, and we do it on Saturdays. Many more choose to publish on Twitter and Instagram using the #sixonsaturday hashtag. Here’s The Participant Guide updated by Jim. For more  gardens and gardening blogs, head over to Garden Ruminations, the home for Six on Saturday. Have a lovely weekend.


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Change Of Plan

In a change to the scheduled Facebook plan for Six-on-Saturday, going forward there will be just one paragraph in advance (I’ll be aiming for Fridays) and the full article on website here on Saturdays.

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Anyways, The Three Hairs is easy to remember.

Next week, I’ll be back with more, except not on Facebook.


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21 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday: April Week 2

  1. How tidy this shelter is! I can’t say the same for mine.
    About the apple blossoms they are not yet open here (and I’m further south ) but in a way it protects them from the spring frosts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That shelter is tidy twice each year, immediately after tidying! In between it looks mwah…
      You’re correct about the later opening buds. Nature takes a risk earlier and things sometimes go askew.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I like your sentiment regarding Tulips and liking them more now you have decided to ditch them rather than nurture them for a full year. My ‘Lady Shed’ needs to have her bike removed to allow room to manoeuvre, which I do have to do often!


      1. I ride all the year round, have two large panniers and aim to do all the local rides and shopping, visiting friends using the bike. Have always done this, even with car on the drive. I just love the freedom of being able to lock up the bike somewhere and no worries about getting back to the car before the ticket runs out. We also have lots of good local rides round about.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Your tulips just sing happiness. They look perfect in that spot, too. Spring has certainly settled when the apples bloom. Our ferns are perhaps a bit ahead of yours- at least some of them. I’ve not yet cut back our D. ‘Brilliance’ but have noticed new growth on them, finally. So I’ll be cutting ours back this week, too. They Athyriums got the chop last month, and I’m still waiting for the ladies to show up to the spring party. That Euonymous is very unusual. I like it and will adopt one should it ever turn up in our garden centers. They get rangy without discipline, though, and I am always debating whether to leave our few or re-purpose their real estate. Have a peaceful week- WG

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lovely Apple blossom – yours is way ahead of mine and your tulips are too! They are very pretty.
    What a tidy shed – I bet it puts many other sheds to shame. 😀
    Feverfew seeds all over my garden, I leave alone unless it’s using a space I need – I rather like it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s good thinking re: Feverfew, and re: tidy shed, refer to reply to Fred earlier.
      Lovely tulips I agree. When mine are gone over, you’ll have yours full bloom!


  5. Your gardening climate sound ideal! ❤ Love your Euonymous, I think I bought the exact same one for my garden in Australia a few weeks ago! Beautiful tulips.


  6. I also grow my tulips for only one year before digging them out to make room for the vegetables. I have to grow tulips behind a fence because of the deer and woodchucks, and squirrels, and rabbits . . . Usually I throw the old bulbs in the woods near us and let the animals go to town with them, but last year I passed them on to a fellow gardener who duly kept them high and dry over the summer and planted them in the fall. I saw the “Kimberley” tulip bed on Monday, and it seems that most will bloom for him.

    Liked by 1 person

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