This is Tanecetum, known also as Feverfew. It has several other names, one of which is Bachelor’s Buttons. It’ll flower in mid-June I’d imagine. I’ve featured it several times over the past two years. The foliage has an unusual smell, and can be used as an insect repellant. Some folks like it, some don’t. Insects don’t. Known as the aspirin of the 18th century, it was taken to alleviate migraine headaches. I can’t speak for insects, but I’d wager a tenner with Paddy Power that in a stressful season, they’d be subject to a headache or two now and again. It’s a jungle out there! For the life of me I can’t see the bachelor connection.

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5 thoughts on “Feverfew

  1. I have a little patch of it growing in a semi-shady patch beneath a scraggly spruce tree. I’ve tried to get rid of it because it gets a bit leggy there reaching for the sun, but it insists on coming back every year. I decided it was best to just let it be. Afterall, the flowers are a sweet filler in bouquets and the chartreuse green of the foliage is a color that seems to light up the patch of garden it resides within.

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    1. Let it be! That’s clever policy. We have a tendency to insist on keeping a plant in the wrong place, but nature knows best. If it comes back year after year there’s a good reason.
      I like the word chartreuse. 👍

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