House Of Cards

12.45pm New York City time: The Trump is due to leave his Tower soon. Likely, he may be having make-up touched up. Likely, he may be abrasive with the resident make-up  artist. More likely is the fact that he will watch some television. Later tonight, he will say that he relished the experience of seeing  much of Central New York shut down for him. Later tonight, I’ll be listening to what he doesn’t say. He will be advised about body language by the resident advisor, but he cannot follow through on advice given for his benefit. So, I’ll be seeing panic disguised as arrogance.

1.08 pm New York City time: The Trump leaves his Tower. The former president looks well, all things considered. I’d imagine he has been advised to wear a bullet vest.

1.45 pm New York City time: The man who has surrounded himself with liars is now being accompanied by Secret Service agents,   who are doing their job diligently. He is being driven ignominious through his home town. The first of the long and painful legal chapters is imminent. He is having a very bad day and there will be more days such as this.

1.08 pm New York City time: The Trump enters the offices of the District Attorney. Everything from here is choreographed in private.

4.20 pm New York City time: Now registered as a felon in the justice system, The Trump is escorted from the corrupt city, returning to the sunshine of Palm Beach where the best supporters hang out. I’m having dinner now. In a short while I’ll be updating the events of this historic day. I understand completely that this is playing out as reality TV. Normally, it would not interest me in the slightest. While eating, I’m going to ponder on the events of the 11th of September 2001 in this very city. Hundreds died on that tragic day. I’m going to think about that attempt to destroy democracy from the outside. I’m going to ponder upon Donald Trump’s attempts to destroy it from within. I feel that his lies are strengthening his supporters. These people are entitled to support him. Very obviously, they are disturbed by the entire political system of the United States. The Trump is determined to break the system in order to replace it with his system. He has said that his system is so intact that he could shoot someone on the street and it would make no difference. Many of his supporters would think he said makes him a super-God.

11.45 pm Dungarvan time: The Trump Plane has landed safely in Florida. An old man needs plenty sleep, especially on a long journey, but instead he spent time watching Fox and messaging Truth Social in capitals. What a man! Busy busy day! He did keep his energies in reserve by keeping his mouth shut except for briefly pleading not guilty to thirty-four criminal charges. Nothing done illegally.

I’m going to second-guess what he will tell the world at Mar-a-Lago. The planned event will double up as a fundraiser for his 2024 presidential bid. He will lies. He will tell more lies. He will be outraged. He will shout in capital letters. Naturally, he had enough sense advice to not tell lies in a court of law. Now, he addresses the world from his court, a property in West Palm Beach that is privately owned. Reality TV at its best!

8.15 pm Florida time: The Trump arrives on stage to address the goons. He is a very intelligent idiot, surrounded by intelligent people who want something. They hang on powerful coat tails, hoping for a leg up.

Here’s my brief summary:

  • I never thought this could happen in America.
  • The world is laughing at us.
  • I am the way, the truth and the light.

After twenty minutes, I tuned out and a few minutes later, I lay my head on my pillow. As I slept, very likely there were some further attacks on everyone who hates him. Bellyaching and moaning.

I slept very well. On a human level, I do hope The Trump slept with a clear conscience, or rather slept well; full stop. There is no conscience.

Finally, it would seem the select invitees are holding up the House of Cards. Not an easy task, as the top dog is top heavy. There will be a crash. It will come.

I’ll return to the real world shortly. The garden is calling me.

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Changing my mind, one thought at at a time. You can too. Garden, bike and writing can be key. Ukan2.

3 thoughts on “House Of Cards

  1. “And still they gazed, and still the wonder grew, that one small head could carry all he knew.”
    He says he is running, not for himself, but to protect them. 😂


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