Six-on-Saturday: March Week 4

The vernal equinox has come and gone. We are heading towards the light at an accelerated rate. The hungry slugs are out of hibernation, yet all is well. I’ve sown some seeds and pottered about on a more regular basis.

At any time of the year, a garden can be a utopia for serenity. This serenity is currently being maxed out, and for that I’m very grateful. Philosophical thoughts aside, I now get on with the business of sharing six plants things that I like this week. Shall we proceed? Tar liom chuig an gháirdín ar chúl an tí.

1. Plant Of The Week: Skimmia

I’ve got several Skinnias. This is ‘Rubella’ and she’s a real beauty.

Loved by early bees, I love it for its flowers now, greenery throughout the year and for how it just takes care of itself.

Below is ‘Temptation’, featured recently. This week it’s in full flower, aided by having had several good feeds of food since early Autumn of 2022.

2. Nasturtiums & Herbs

I grew so many annuals last year, I was unable to keep up. This year, I’m playing it smart. I will have four annuals.

  • Nasturtium
  • Alyssum
  • Fibrous begonia
  • Busy Lizzie

I’ve sown the first two, and will likely have one hundred of each. I’ll buy the others as tiny plugs and grow them on until planting out in mid-May.

Rosemary and mint are included in photo above. I see no reason whatever for their presence, apart from the fact I love beef and lamb. Even at that, the inclusion is very tenuous.

3. Pieris ‘Little Frosty’

A slow-growing plant is the Pieris. I’m assured by the label that it will be a fine specimen when I celebrate my 70th birthday.

Likely, it’ll grow to about 60-80cm, about 2 feet in old money.

4. Rhubarb

We enjoyed the first home-grown rhubarb of the year, with imported custard. Spectacular!

5. Libertia, I’d Imagine

It looks like a Libertia from mam’s garden. If it’s not, the fact is it IS from mam’s garden. I shall ask the powers that be if I’d be allowed to bring it to Abbeyside, on the strict understanding that I’d mind it well and share it around next year when it can safely be divided.

6. Brooks Runners

After my Saturday jog with the Tried & Tested Triathlon Club joggers, I will put my feet up. I’ll admire my garden, take some time to relax, and drink my usual Saturday hot chocolate with cinammon, honey and brandy. It’ll be wonderful. I’ll notice little changes from last week.

This featured photograph is from last Saturday. Today, I’ll wear the same Brooks runners but the white socks may be black this time. Nothing ever stays the same. Live in the moment.

About Six-on-Saturday

  • Here’s The Participant Guide updated by Jim.
  • That’s all from me, but for more inspiring gardens and great gardening blogs, head over to Garden Ruminations, the home for Six on Saturday. Have a lovely weekend.
  • Jim is also over there on Twitter @JamesLStephens

Equinox Sunrise

Sunday Spinning

There was a time when I’d plan to cycle three times each week. Nowadays, I’m busy walking, jogging and in the gym so I cycle only on Sundays. Likely, this will change from May onwards as I prepare for some decent hill challenges in Provence, France in late summer. Here is a record of our adventure last Sunday.

The Captain’s summary:

G3 had a good 11 out today dispite a reported outbreak of the dreaded Post Grand Slam flu! The morning was fine but cold as the group headed to the Welcome Inn and Villierstown. A little detour via Ballingown Hill, always good to get some unfamiliar roads in, and back to Dromana, Cappoquin and Lismore, followed by a loop of Ballyduff and back to Lismore for coffee just as the rain returned. After a quick coffee back on the road with the temperature dropping and light rain, returning to base interrupted by a puncture, fixed with team pro efficiency🙂 A very enjoyable 85k spin.

Group 3 Road Captain

Thought for the week:

Grand Slam Saturday

Only our fourth Grand Slam, and the first secured on home soil.

  • 1948
  • 2009
  • 2018
  • 2023

Results 2023. Full details HERE.

A Saturday Smile

Very likely written by a woman who hasn’t learned about using a question mark. 🤔 Do I have to be such a Stickler? Nah, let it go!


Click the first PHOTOGRAPH and swipe right or left.


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8 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday: March Week 4

  1. I’m growing nasturtiums from seed for the first time this year – I sowed them too early in my eagerness, they germinated in 4 days in the warm conservatory at the 75% success rate! I now have around 60 plants to share with friends and family.
    Good news on the rugby- I’m sure you enjoyed the match.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh, your ‘Temptation’ plant is super nice! And holy cow, that’s a lot of seedlings to look after. The slugs are something I’m most concerned about. It’s crazy how much they can eat overnight. I have started saving my egg shells to use around the small plants when the time comes. I’m not 100% sure it works, but I feel better using them. I’ve really only found picking them off by hand to be the best way to deal with them. It’s heartbreaking when all of those weeks of taking care of seedlings/small plants is eaten overnight.

    On a more happy note, I must say, your rhubarb looks delicious! Lucky you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Egg shells… Help a bit but I reckon slugh are intelligent too. They just avoid and eat elsewhere!
      I do night patrol on misty nights with a scissors. Birds have big breakfast in the morning.
      I shall delight in caring for seedlings. They’ll soon be all grown and in full bloom.


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