14 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday: March Week 2”

  1. Morning, Rosie! That’s my thinking exactly. If we take a break, so be it! Must and should are banned from my head.
    Thanks for reading & that you chuckled!
    BTW, I’ve a feeling I’ve referenced you as Amber rather than Rosie, in previous posts! #brainfog is real.

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  2. Skimmia is still something I don’t have and it’s a mistake. You made a good choice. I smiled while reading your medical list with some of these jokes, (even if I didn’t understand everything)

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  3. More a magazine to while away, rather pleasantly a few minutes on this cold miserable day! As for your mystery plant try looking up Sorbaria sorbifolia ‘Sem’. One which does very well in a pot for me.

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  4. So much to see, so much to say. Shall we proceed …… 🙂 I absolutely love The Third Policeman, I must read it again. I believe the plant is sorbaria not rhus, nice! Good to see your cycling gang. Nice skimmia. That’s your lot!

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    1. That’s my lot, a chara. Thank you, its more than enough.
      Sorbaria it is, then. I have the paperback and also on Kindle. Checking can I get myself the audio book too. We are kindred spirits.

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