One Small Step

It is day one. The journey has begun. I may want to go back, but I am determined to push on despite not knowing what lies ahead.

About ten years ago, shortly before I retired from the day job, I imagined that I would like to write a book. Fast forward (very fast) to July 22nd, 2022, and I am one step nearer to realising my dream. Yes, it is one small step towards having my first book published. It has only taken me ten years, and it has been a very small step, but nonetheless, I am not at standstill m and I am not going backwards.

As yet, I do not know what my book is going to be about. I do not know if it will be fiction or factual. I do not know whether it is going to be for adults or for children. There are lots of unknowns. In fact, it is also unknown whether or not I will finish my book.

I have started, and I am pleased that I have. Over the past ten years, I have written regularly. I’ve had seven or eight different blogs and I’ve jumped over and back between them almost as often as Irish Ferries.

Down through the years, I’ve rolled myself into a tangled ball. I’ve started and stopped as I tried to find my way through some writers’ fog. It is as tricky as the deadly block. Now, I think that I have figured out how I want to write my book. That is not to say that I know what to write, but I am going to crack the nut. Of that I am sure.

I’ve signed the contract with myself. The rewards are mega, and I feel pretty sure that the second book will be easier. I have signed up for some online courses. I signed up two weeks ago. So far, I would class myself as the guy at the back of the class who not so keen to get started, but the great thing is that there is not much likelihood of being booted out.


Have I got your attention? Perhaps one reader or a few? Perhaps a dozen or twenty? I’ll leave it at that for today. You may just be the ONE reader who will want to know more. Rest assured that, alongside writing my book, once I jump a few more hurdles, such as “What will I write about?”, I am going to write about how it is going for me, as I step forward on my journey. The writer writes about writing the elusive book

Help Me

Now comes the “Please-Do-Me-A-Favour” bit. I will be using this journey to write this blog in a way I have not written a blog previously. I am excited and I would love you (one reader or many) to join with me regularly and offer a comment. I’ve got a big file for constructive feedback, a bigger bin for the trolls and I do know the difference. I’ve been followed by robot accounts selling sand to Arabs, and wigs to the hairless. Anyway, as a first step along the way, please consider subscribing to my updates. One reader, or a few; a dozen or perhaps a score?

Perhaps I’ll include sand and Arabs, trolls and Irish Ferries in my book? Jumping hurdles takes on a whole new meaning.

I may want to go back, but I’ll push on despite not knowing what lies ahead.


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