Memories of Glencree

Here I am at my keyboard. My new website is live and I’m tapping out my first post. In fact, I’ve copied most of it from a post I finished recently over on my Garden Blog, so I’m not really tapping.

Where did this The Three Hairs come from, you ask? In short, a moment of enlightenment brought me back to the year 1982. I sometimes use a small journal app called Prompted Journal. Last week my task was to write about a memory that made me smile. There are millions of memories, and many of them do make me smile. This one rose to the top of the charts, and many smiles were smiled!

Youth hostelling with 6th class in Glencree in early eighties was MAGICAL… they were a great class, bubbly and interesting. One evening , after sausages & beans, one girl was pushed to deliver a message… I could see she was giddy yet nervous…
Can we tell you your nickname, sir? Will you be cross?
I don’t know until you tell me, says I.
And she hesitated and they all giggled madly.
Well… OK. Your nickname is… Baldylocks and the Three Hairs.
And she looked right at me hoping it was OK. Everyone was hushed, and I figured I’d think about it for a few seconds longer than necessary. Poor kids didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Then I just burst out laughing!
Whoever thought up that name should get no homework tonight, I says.
But it’s Saturday, they all sighed.
Those were the days teachers could bring kids away on trips. I know since that appalling things happened to kids, but my memories of Wicklow are amazing.


Baldylocks (aka Páraig)

Published by Páraig

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2 thoughts on “Memories of Glencree

  1. Do you write in your garden shed and do you really like hoovering? I fell down the rabbit hole having dug deep into your Six on Saturday this week. I love a tale and like this little story. Thanks for making me smile too. Happy Easter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Perhaps I will write from the shed? Now there’s a thought! Hoovering… No comment! 😜
      I felt constricted having a blog just for gardening. Now, I’m very happy to mix in other bits, cycling, fiction, reminiscing and so on.
      Thank you for reading. Rabbit holes, in the right place, can be exciting.


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